International Seminar

24. and 25. September 2019

The «International Seminar» addresses international guests, particularly groups of school leaders who participate in professional development programs in a range of countries, and Swiss participants to connect and initiate partnerships (such as student exchanges) or joint projects (such as school development). On 24.9. the focus is on the various experiences across the countries and the critical discussion of challenges in education and schools. On 25.9. participants will have the opportunity to visit schools (and educational authorities) in the canton of Zug. The conference language of the International Seminar is English.

The registration for the International Seminar takes place in room “Kapelle” at the Schulen St. Michael which is right next to the Pädagogische Hochschule PH Zug. The dinner will be held on 19:00 h at the Restaurant Aklin in Zug (15 minutes walking distance).

To the Program (pdf, 19.9.2019)

Science Forum

24. and 25. September 2019

The Pre-Conference at the PH Zug serves also as a science forum for international researchers for dialogue and cooperation for instance to work on joint projects.