The Symposium

At the symposium you have the opportunity to:
increase your knowledge – continue your education – reflect on practice – get inspired – pursue your own ideas – discover current development and research – understand complex contexts – design solutions – develop quality – shape future – exchange ideas with national and international experts– maintain professional relationships – establish new contacts – extend your own network

The World Education Leadership Symposium is the largest international congress in Europe on Education Leadership. The conference is hosted by the Institute for the Management and Economics of Education (IBB) of the University of Teacher Education Zug in cooperation with various partners. The Symposium will be supported by third-party funding and further regional, national and international partners.

The Symposium follows the tradition of the events organized by Prof. Dr. Stephan Gerhard Huber, Director of the IBB, in the last years. Since 2004 the International School Leadership Symposium takes place every two years, since 2009 in Zug and since 2013 in combination with the Education Symposium Switzerland.

The Symposium focuses on the challenges and opportunities for schools and education leadership. In the keynote speeches, workshops, presentations, and innovative formats, current challenges and opportunities in the fields of school effectiveness, school improvement, and school management will be discussed. The core idea is to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

In the last conferences roughly 1000 experts from around 97 different countries were in Zug. Among the participants were principals, teachers, representatives of authorities, ministries, universities as well as of foundations and economy.

The conference languages are English and German; simultaneous translation is provided for all keynote speeches. The parallel programme is either in English or German. There will be sessions in French and Spanish, too.

Prior to the conference, we arrange an International Seminar which offers an excellent opportunity for international networking and exchange of knowledge and experiences across countries in a smaller group of people. The International Seminar will also be held in English.

The Post-Conference serves as a science forum for international researchers for dialogue and cooperation for instance to work on joint projects. In addition, workshops revolving around methods of evaluation (qualitative and quantitative methods) are offered in German.

Target groups

  • school leaders/principals/head teachers
  • vice principals/deputies
  • members of the senior management team
  • members of the school development team
  • teachers interested in school effectiveness, school improvement, school management
  • representatives of school leader associations
  • representatives of training centres
  • representatives of educational authorities
  • representatives of ministries
  • academics working in the fields of school effectiveness, school improvement, school management, education administration/management/leadership
  • representatives of parents’ associations
  • representatives of community authorities
  • representatives of support institutions
  • representatives of school and business partnership
  • representatives of foundations
  • representatives of publishing houses
  • representatives of social politics and social welfare administration
  • representatives of non school related associations and organisations
  • representatives of parents’ associations