There is free internet access available at the Casino Zug and at the PH Zug.


Conference app

New for this year’s symposium, we offer a free-of-charge app called conference4me. It will be available in the beginning of September for Android and iOS. More information to download the app will be published near to the symposium.

The smartphone app provides you with the most comfortable tool for planning your participation at the World Education Leadership Symposium (WELS). Browse the complete program directly from your phone or tablet and create your very own agenda on the fly. You can also profit from maps, agenda updates and conference news.


How can I add an activity/event after the registration?

Please send us an email to and we will add it to your account.


Create your own program

Mid of August, you will receive an email where we ask you to reserve your participation at the parallel program. The number of participants will be limited according the room size. It will be handled with the «first come first serve»-principle.


Registration Desk and Help Desk – Opening hours

Tuesday, September 24: 14:00 h – 15:15 h, Schulen St. Michael

Wednesday, September 25: 12:30 h – 19:00 h, Theater Casino Zug

Thursday, September 26: 08:00 h – 18:00 h, PH Zug

Friday, September 28:  08:00h – 13:00 h, Theater Casino Zug


Wardrobe / Storage of your luggage during the conference

  • Theater Casino: There will be a free wardrobe at the reception area. Please note that the wardrobe is unstaffed and we assume no liability.
  • PH Zug: You have the possibility to store your jacket / luggage free of charge in Room No. 018 (ground floor). Please note that the wardrobe is unstaffed and we assume no liability.


Public Transport Zug

Bus connections

  • Zug Railway Station – Theater Casino:
    • Bus No 3 to Oberwil
    • Bus No 5 to Walchwil Bahnhof
    • Bus No 11 to Schönegg / Zugerberg
    • Bus No 14 to Zug, Gimenen


  • Theater Casino – Zug Railway Station
    • Bus No 3 to Baar Lättich
    • Bus No 5 to Zug Bahnhofplatz
    • Bus No 11 to Zug, St. Johannes
    • Bus No 14 to Inwil bei Baar, Rigistrasse


  • Zug Railway Station – PH Zug (exit at “St. Michael”)
    • Bus No 11 to Schönegg/Zugerberg


  • PH Zug – Zug Railway Station
    • Bus No 11 to Zug, St. Johannes


  • Zug Railway Station – Hotel Guggital (exit at “Zug, Guggital”)
    • Bus No 11 to Schönegg/Zugerberg


  • Hotel Guggital – Zug Railway Station
    • Bus No 11 to Zug, St. Johannes



It is only a short walk from the Theater Casino / University to the old town of Zug (5 to 10 minutes). There are many different types of restaurants. More information about the gastronomy in Zug can be found under the following links: