The Symposium will feature top-class speakers from Switzerland and the entire German-speaking countries as well as international experts presenting their future topics in interesting formats and discussing them with the participants.


Plenary Program

Among the speakers of Plenary Program are:

Prof. Dr. Alma Harris and Michelle Johnson (England), Prof. Dr. Michelle Young (USA), Prof. Dr. Jonathan Supovitz (USA), Prof. Dr. Christopher Chapman (Scotland), Prof. Dr. Hui-Ling Wendy Pan (Taiwan), Dagmar Rösler (Switzerland), Thomas Minder (Switzerland), Susanne Hardmeier (Switzerland), Gudrun Wolters-Vogeler (Germany), Stephan Schleiss (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Walter Christoph Zimmerli (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Stephan Gerhard Huber (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böttcher (Germany), Prof. Dr. Romuald Normand (France), Dr. Sobhi Tawil (France).

The presentations deal with current challenges for education from different perspectives and provide ideas how adequate, forward-looking solutions for more educational justice can look.

Central topics include e.g.: responsible leadership, innovation, sustainability, communities of practice, networking, challenges and international trends in current policy and practice, education 5.0.


Parallel Program

The Parallel Program primarily contains German- and English-speaking language offers. Thanks to our partner HEP Vaud, the French-speaking program has been further expanded.In addition to teaching, learning and education, inclusion, human resource management, cooperation, school development, health, education policy, digitization, cultural and environmental education as well as teacher education are new topics this year.

Among the speakers of Parallel Program are:

English-speaking Parallel Program:

Prof. Dr. Alan Daly (USA), Dr. Yi-Hwa Liou (Taiwan), Dr. Miguel Del Fresno (Spain), Dr. Martin Rehm (Germany), Peter Bjorklund (USA), Prof. Dr. Helene Ärlestig (Sweden), Prof. Dr. Olof Johansson (Sweden), Prof. Dr. Brenton Cyriel Faubert (Canada), Nelly Guet (France), Dr. Judy Lindsay Halbert (Canada), Prof. Dr. Guri Skedsmo (Switzerland), Dr. Linda Kaser (Canada), Dr. Jeffrey Brooks Hall (Norway), Dr. Coby Meyers (USA), Dr. Cristobal Rodriguez (USA), Merete Storgaard (Denmark), Dr. Alison Sheila Taysum (England), Carole Collins Ayanlaja (England), Dr. Cathy Ping XIE (Canada), Dr. Pia Skott (Sweden), Dr. Haiyan Qian (Hong Kong), Prof. Dr. Allan Walker (Hong Kong).

German-speaking Parallel Program:

Prof. Dr. Annelies Kreis (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Enikö Zala-Mezö (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Caroline Lanz (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Anita Sandmeier (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Tobias Leonhard (Switzerland), Prof. Urban Fraefel (Switzerland), Dr. Michael Ruloff (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Frank Brückel (Switzerland), Claudia Bischofsberger (Swiztzerland), Prof. Dr. Claus Buhren (Deutschland), Dr. Nina Bremm (Germany), Dr. Birgit Weyand (Germany), Prof. Dr. Christian Filk (Germany), Siegfried Arnz (Germany), Dr. Hans-Joachim Sassenscheidt (Germany), Simone Fleischmann (Germany), Armin Himmelrath (Germany), Prof. Dr. Sabine Strauß (Austria), Prof. Dr. Katja Kansteiner (Germany), Prof. Dr. Stefan Gögler (Austria), Prof. Dr. Josef Oberneder (Austria), Prof. Dr. Paul Reinbacher (Austria), Prof. Dr. Thomas Prescher (Germany), Prof. Dr. Thomas Schrei (Austria).