The online conferences have four formats

  • Plenary formats such as lectures, plenary discussions, votes, surveys,
  • Group formats such as round tables, short presentations, discussion groups,
  • Network formats and interactive small groups
  • Open formats such as open space, “marketplace”, virtual aperitifs and a collaborative writing tool.

In addition to lectures, discussions and innovation studios, artistic contributions are offered during the breaks.

Half days, languages, technology

You can take part in all half-days or only visit selected half-days. Each half day comprises three (to four) hours, i.e. from 3pm to 6pm (or 7pm) CET or CEST. The conference languages are English and German.

The technology we use is user-friendly, i.e. easily accessible, barrier-free and intuitive. The plenary formats are videotaped and then made available to the participants.

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