Important information for participants

Shortly before WELSfocus on February 1, 2021, you will find here the current program with online access as well as further information on how to participate in this online conference. Every channel in the program will contain the links you have to click on to enter the conference.

You can participate as you have registered for: either all half days or only those you have chosen. Each half day comprises 3 to 4 hours.






Formats and instructions for communication in Zoom sessions

We will have presentations but also different formats for active participation including feedback and exchange of ideas. The technology we use is Zoom. For participants only, the recording of the conference proceedings of the plenary channel will be available during the conference and for the whole week after.


Features of WELS online conference are:

  • Plenary channel for keynotes and short group activities:
    • Speakers are viewers, camara on, and sound on during presentation
    • Participants are attendees, camera and sound off
    • Interactivity: Q&A
  • Chat: for information from the organizers
    • Group Channels:
    • Group channels for roundtables and discussion groups:
    • All Participants camara on, only speakers sound on
    • Interactivity: hold hand, chat to all


Instruction for communication:

  • Recording of each session
  • We recommend: gallery or speaker view
  • „Check in“ a few minutes early for the conference. This way you can make sure that everything works for you and otherwise we all still have time to react. That also helps us to start the conference on time.
  • Use of headset is recommended.
  • Usually your microphone will be muted and your video will be turned off. The host can activate it.
  • Please be sure, that your microphone is off when you are not speaking. This way, background noise can be avoided.
  • If you would like to contribute or ask a question, use the feature «Q&A» (Plenary channel) and «raise your hand» or chat (Group channels).
  • If you have any questions, please name the person to whom the question is addressed. So it is clear who should return from silent mode.
  • There may be delays in the voice transmission. Please have a little patience and allow a second to pass to realize that the other person has spoken. Don’t react too quickly here.
  • Technical support in the Plenary channel: yellow profile with WELS-Logo (@Support), in the group channel please ask the moderator


We will also have

  • Live votings
  • Meet and Greet and a virtual apéro
  • Yammer
  • Paint your Message


Witeboard for Painting and Writing

Additionally we provide as a tool for collaborative writing and painting (creative).

  • Enable collaborative writing and painting
  • In every session we will have a witeboard, managed by the moderator
  • You could also open your own witeboard
  • Choose a color
  • Click on the animal symbol in the top menu and enter your name
  • Write and paint professional
  • Have fun!


Your Visibility and Networking

We would like to make you all visible to others in some way. We encourage as any participants as possible to make yourself visible by video or photo. You can upload a portrait photo in your zoom app or zoom login if you have registered with zoom.

The Symposium aims to support the participants to exchange knowledge with national and international experts, to help participants make new contacts and cultivate existing contacts and professional relationships. The core idea of WELS is to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Therefor we offer the following options beside the fixed program of WELS online conference:


Meet and Greet in the Open Space (Lounge)

Meet and Greet and Group channels where participants can meet and greet other participants. These channels are creative rooms for open discussions and shared work on a common topic.


Virtual apéro

The virtual apéro takes place on February 1, 2021, 6pm CET.


List of participants

You will find a list of participants soon.



Join the virtual marketplace of Yammer (Microsoft) and get in touch with other WELS participants via You will also receive an invitation via email. With this invitation you can register with your name and your email address. If you need help with your registration, please have a look at this quick guide to use Yammer:



Please note that the time information in the program corresponds to the Central European (Summer) Time (CE(S)T). Please check out, with which time difference WELS online conference takes place in your time zone, so that you can participate live, for example 6am San Francisco, 9am New York, 10am São Paulo, 2pm London, 3pm Berlin, 4pm Mombasa, 9pm Shanghai / Singapore / Hong Kong, 11pm Sydney.