Pre-Conference: 24.+25.9.2019

International Seminar

The Pre-Conference addresses international guests and Swiss participants to connect and initiate partnerships or projects. On 24.9. the focus is on the various experiences across the countries and the critical discussion of challenges in education and schools. On 25.9. the participants will get the opportunity to visit schools (and educational authorities) in the canton of Zug. The conference language of the International Seminar is English.

Main Conference: 25.-27.9.2019

Plenary Program and Parallel Program

The Main Conference on 25. and 27.9. offers in the Plenary Program key note speeches to the conference theme: Responsible Leadership – Demands, Reality, Possibilities.

Within the Parallel Program on 26.9. the participants have the opportunity to focus on one particular theme over four 90-minute sessions (workshops and presentations) or to switch between different themes (thematic strands). All in all, more than 100 paper presentations, workshops, foren and discussions will be provided.

The conference languages are English and German; simultaneous translation is provided for all keynote speeches. The parallel programme is either in English or German. There will be sessions in French, too.

Post-Conference: 27.+28.9.2019

Science Forum and Method-Workshops

The Post-Conference serves on 27.9. as a science forum for international researchers for dialogue and cooperation for instance to work on joint projects. In addition, workshops on 28.9. revolving around methods of evaluation (qualitative and quantitative methods) are offered in German.