Educational Change, Evaluation and Improvement (Focus Organisation)

Research-oriented Roundtable 


Wednesday, September 29, 2021 

First Timeslot 15.30-16.30 CEST  

Chair: N.N. 

  • Dr. Claudia Schreiner, University of Innsbruck, and Prof. Dr. Christian Wiesner, University College of Teacher Education in Lower Austria, Austria: School Development Originates from Schools! Or: How Innovations Get into the System 
  • Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Duyar and Lloyd D. Jackson, Arkansas State University, USA: Validity Study of DLOQ for Analyzing Determinants of Learning Organizations in High and Low-Achieving Schools 
  • Dr. Lawrence Drysdale, The University of Melbourne, Australia: Adopting a Marketing Mindset as a Pathway to Innovative Leadership 
  • Ruth Jensen, University of Oslo, Norway: Formative Interventions in School Leadership Teams in Upper Secondary Schools 

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